To install the Komfort Lichtsignal flasher relay you will need the following tools:

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • 22mm socket


  • Soldering iron
  • wire strippers
  • Shrink wrap

  1. First, start by removing the kick panel under the steering wheel. This is held on by 4 Phillips screws

  2. Remove the steering wheel using a 22mm socket. On non-airbag, simply pull out the center of the wheels to get to the nut. On airbag wheels follow this guide. (NOTE: you will need to turn the key to the ON position to unlock the wheel for removal.)

  3. Remove the bottom steering wheel cover by removing the two Phillips heads screws behind the steering wheel, and one on the bottom of the cover.

  4. You can now access the relay under the column

  5. Unplug the relay, and plug it into the provided harness

  6. Plug the end of the harness into the original socket

  7. In the bundle of wires under the column, look for a Blue wire with a white stripe, and a blue wire with a red stripe

  8. Splice the new blue wire into the Blue and white, and the Green wire into the blue and red. Here’s a video on how to install the splice connectors

  9. Turn your key to the ON position and test the relay to confirm installation was successful.

  10. Zip tie the relay out of the way and reassemble the steering column and wheel