Step 1: Scoping

The first thing we do is sit down and discuss your goals to scope out the project, this will include power and performance numbers, range, charging times, and associated costs. We will also discuss what vehicle you want converted. If you do not own a vehicle, occasionally we will have have some available for conversion on our Available for Conversion page, or if you have a specific vehicle in mind, we can facilitate finding and purchasing the right one for you.

Step 2: ICE Removal

Before any R&D work can begin, we need to remove the Engine, fuel system, exhaust system, and anything else related to the combustion engine in your car. Then we clean the chassis of any oil and gunk left over.

Step 3: R&D

Once the build is scoped and the old ICE system is removed, the R&D phase begins.Here we will begin designing the EV system for your needs, as well as the physical design of things like motor mounts, battery enclosure, and any other things that will need to be fabricated. We will utilize 3D scanning to scan your vehicle if we have not done your chassis in the past. This step will be much faster if you are using a chassis we are familiar with such as the BMW E30. We will also use this phase to design a complete wiring harness and diagram.

Step 4: Purchasing and fabrication

After all R&D is completed we will purchase anything necessary that we do not stock or will need manufactured externally to get the build started. In the meantime we begin fabrication of anything in-house necessary. This step includes things like machined axle adapters, laser cut frames, battery boxes, interior bits like custom instrument clusters, and machined panels.

Step 5: Building the car

The biggest step is the building of your car. By this step we have a roadmap for the car with all the components needed, and are ready to start assembly. In this phase there are some exciting major milestones:

  • Motor installed
  • Batteries installed
  • Suspension completed
  • Assisted steering installed
  • Braking complete
  • Wiring completed
  • First motor spin
  • BMS online
  • 12V charging running
  • VCU Online and functional
  • First charge
  • First drive!

Step 6: Shakedown

Once the car is finished with the build we will spend time driving it (500 miles minimum), fine tuning all the systems, validating battery health and charging systems, and any other finishing touches.

Step 7: Delivery

The vehicle is completed and ready to be picked up or delivered. Upon delivery we will spend a day with you going over all the new systems, any interfaces, charging, and answering any questions.

Notes about our process

  • Throughout the entire build we will be documenting everything with photos and videos which will be provided to you through an online service so you can follow as we go.
  • While we know it’s hard for some people due to time and our relatively remote location, we welcome you to come see the exciting progress on your car as it goes along.